Helpful Tips For First Time Uber Riders

Riding and using Uber is very enjoyable. It is easy, fast and much cheaper and cleaner than taxis. The Uber services is self-policing and is a part of the sharing economy. The system it uses is one where both drivers and riders rate each other on a 1 to 5 scale.  There is no cash transaction between the passenger and driver as all billings are done through credit card. For people who have never used this service before, it can seem a bit challenging. So below are some tips for people using lyft code for the first time.

Ensure You Are Ready To Move

A lot of people are used to calling a taxi company to arrange for a ride at a certain time or to request for a pick up as soon as possible. The request for a quick pick up can take up to 20 to 60 minutes. Uber does not work like that. The average time for Uber to pick a rider up is 7 minutes. It is really a practical on-demand service. You may get a low passenger rating from your driver if you keep him waiting. You should choose Uber XL if you are at least four waiting for the ride. You will get picked up with an Extra Large Vehicle.

Make It Easy For The Driver To Locate You

Trying to locate a person you've never met is sometimes very frustrating, especially at the airport. It is similar for Uber drivers. If your pickup point is at a convention center or an airport, before you request a ride, try to walk a block away from the teeming crowd. It would also be great if you give your driver the description of what you're wearing and doing.

Use Your Uber App To Send Your Destination Address

Both Uber and your driver need to know your destination. Uber heavily relies on GPS, unlike taxis. When you enter the address of your destination in advance, drivers will be aware of the distance they have to drive before they accept your ride request. This information is also used by Uber to calculate your fare. It also makes everything easier as your destination address is in the GPS of the driver's car already and when you are picked up,they are immediately good to go.

News & Events

A Home Pickup Makes You Nervous

There's a lot of news going around about some Taxi and Uber drivers going back to passengers home to rob them after dropping them off at an airport. Although home robbery of this type is really rare, the ones about Uber are usually made as a big deal by the news media.

Sometimes, it feels like the news media has a grudge against Uber. It is no surprise thatfirst time users are usually nervous about home pickup.

If you are worried about a home pickup, request for a pickup at a place up the street.A good thing about the app is that a physical address is not needed for a pickup location as Uber service uses GPS. .

Be Nice To The Driver

You should know that both Passengers and Drivers rate each other. Uber driver usually try to be nice and courteous as they need a good rating to keep on working with Uber. You too should also try to be as nice as you can. It'd be good if you thank the driver for the ride.

Try not to complain aboutthe ride or heavy traffic. You should also avoid conversations about religion and politics as people are usually very passionate about topics like this.

Tipping Uber drivers is not required by the company. You can however give the drivers cash tip. You don't necessarily need to tip them big, just something enough to get a soda or a cup of coffee

Don't Smoke, Drink or Eat While Riding

The vehicles used by Uber are owned by the drivers. They keep them clean and take care of them. It is difficult and expensive to keep the interiors of these cars clean. Don't stain the car by eating or drinking while riding. Help your driver keep the inside clean and smelling nice by not smoking, drinking or eating while riding.

Leave The Navigation To The Driver

It is true that nobody likes a backseat driver, and your Uber driver is not an exception. Although the driver may not be accustomed to the area he's driving at, he however is most definitely familiar with driving with a navigation system.